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We offer Obamacare Health Insurance and Private Health Insurance that fits the needs of your business and your family in El Paso Texas. Call us to obtain a Free Quote for El Paso Obamacare Health Insurance, get informed about the new Health Care Reform Act and how it will affect you and your business in El Paso TX area.

Obamacare Health Insurance

What is Obamacare and how it affects El Paso TX

We provide assistance for El Paso Obamacare Health Insurance for Businesses and Individuals who want to register for Obamacare Health Insurance Programs that grant a government subsidy to certain individuals. Call us to know for what Benefits you qualify and how to Avoid paying the new Tax Penalties in El Paso.

Obamacare for Businesses

How Obamacare affects my Business in El Paso?

If your business in El Paso employs one person or more and you are subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act you are required by the Health Care Reform Law to provide notification to all employees of their Health Insurance options under Obamacare, this also includes any laid-off employees. you can obtain a tax subsidy if you pay for a percentage of your employees coverage in El Paso. Call us if you have any question 915-613-5102

Obamacare and my family

How it benefits my Family in El Paso TX?

Under Obamacare Health Insurance in El Paso members of your family that are attending school or working and are single can still get Health Care coverage under your plan if they are 26 years old or younger. Medical Coverage cannot be denied in El Paso Texas for Pre-exisiting Health Conditions Call us if you need more information 915-613-5102.

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Our main specialty is Health Insurance but we also provide other services
for El Paso Texas Businesses and Residents

Understanding El Paso Obamacare

Read important El Paso Obamacare Health Insurance Information in this Section

Falling ill and getting hurt is an unavoidable part of being Human. Health Insurance Coverage plays a great role in minimizing one’s expenses and safeguarding an individual’s well being. A Health Insurance Plan is a contract, an agreement between an individual and an insurance company. An individual takes up a plan, on the basis of which the company provides Medical costs and preventive treatments like screenings, vaccines, check-ups and others. They also provide the costs of prescribed drugs. Health insurance gives you security against unpredicted emergencies. It is not surprising that staying in the Hospital or Emergency Room can cost around $30,000 or fixing a broken leg can cost an individual up to $7,500. Having Health Insurance Coverage can cover up important Medical costs and expensive emergencies. Enroll for El Paso Obamacare Health Insurance and find out if you qualify for government aid or a complete subsidy, call us 915-613-5102.

Prepare yourself for El Paso Obamacare Business Insurance, Business mandates established by the Affordable Care Act began January 1, 2014. Know what you should be doing for your employees Health Insurance:
• Are you a small, medium or large business, know about particular instances of the law that apply to your business and the provisions of the Affordable Care Act that can benefit your company. • Get email and text updates about El Paso Obamacare Health Insurance by signing up with us. Important information, key deadlines and other relevant information will be given out timely. You will be guided by our licensed agents and brokers with expert advice about El Paso Obamacare Health Insurance and the Affordable Care Act for El Paso.
• If you offer Health Insurance coverage for your employees, you could be entitled to a government Tax Refund or Subsidy mandated by the Affordable Care Act in El Paos, call us to see if you are intitled to one.
• If your company is not providing Health Insurance coverage, verify with us what are your duties under the law, you are required to provide Health Insurance information to your employees even the ones you laid-off.

You are covered in two ways by Obamacare:
• The total amount that one has to pay when he falls sick is called ‘out-of-pocket maximum’. For example, if one has a $3000 out-of-pocket maximum, once he pays $3000 deductible, coinsurance and co-payment, the rest is managed by the company throughout the year.
• After one has reached the out-of-pocket maximum, the company must undertake the responsibility for all medical expenses without any limit. No restrictions can be further imposed.
Those who do not have Health Insurance coverage have to bear the consequences of such unavoidable costs. Thus, some people end up in debt and even bankruptcy. Enroll now for El Paso Obamacare Health Insurance, call us at 915-613-5102 For more information visit the Obamacare government site www.healthcare.gov

When you collaborate with us Licensed Health Insurance Brokers, we may be able to assist you in different ways to ensure lower costs, lower monthly premiums, lower out-of-pocket maximum, and securing free or low cost coverage. These are calculated based on your monthly household income and then number of members in your family.
• Enrolling in a Private Health Insurance plan may save your cost by lowering your monthly premium cost.
• We will verify that you obtain the rate you deserve by law, obtain the lowest out of pocket cost, lowest deductibles, lowest co-payments and lowest amount for coinsurance.
• We will verify if your children can apply for Medicaid or CHIP and get free or partial Health Insurance coverage.


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